Parts, Servicing, Repairs & Restoration

Spare Parts and Accessories

We not only have a wide range of parts in stock, but we can also source rare parts (both new and used) for you from within Australia, or direct from our US suppliers. We can provide genuine factory replacement parts as well as aftermarket parts and performance items. With our extensive knowledge, we can guide and assist you in creating your Corvette exactly as desire it.

We can fit parts and modify your Corvette in our workshop, or we can ship parts and accessories to you Australia-wide. Just because you're not in Melbourne doesn't mean we can't be of service to you. Our long-held reputation for quality and service extends across the country.

Servicing and Repairs

Our service doesn't end when you drive away in your beautiful Corvette.We provide full service and maintenance for all Corvette models. Your Corvette is a special vehicle, and needs specialist maintenance, so don't risk your investment with someone who doesn't know or apreciate what they are working on!

In the unlikely event of an accident or damage occurring, we also provide full body repair services. Again, as Corvettes are very special vehicles, they require expert knowledge to repair them to their former glory. Our specialist knowledge and experience with Corvettes puts us in the unique position of being able to properly repair these uniquely constructed vehicles.