Right Hand Drive Conversion & Australian Compliance

World's first RHD new Corvette C7Right Hand Drive Conversion

The conversion of a Corvette is quite unique due to the type of vehicle and its requirements. From new dashboard creation to remanufacturing steering components, it has taken years to refine the process into what it is today. We are constantly adapting our methods to ensure the very best result. The quality of our work and finish means you would be hard pressed to tell that the vehicle was not manufactured right hand drive from the factory.

Our specialty is conversion and compliance of the new C7 model (2014+) and C6 model (2005+) Corvettes. We convert all variants in these model ranges, including coupe, convertible, Z06, ZR1 and other special and limited editions. We also now use our extensive experience to convert the new Camaro models.


Corvette Clinic is the first Australian Compliance Holder for Low Volume Import (new) and RAWS (used) for the new 2014+ C7 Corvette models!

World's first RHD new Corvette C7While we specialise in importing and converting C6 and C7 model Corvettes, we also convert other Corvette models with the necessary paperwork for registration. Give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We import cars frequently and are happy to source your dream car for you - new or used, modern or classic, whatever model and condition you're looking for!

With hundreds of conversions under our belt and just as many satisfied clients, you can have complete comfort and security with the quality of our work. See some examples of our work in the gallery below.



Australian Compliance

There is more to conversion and compliance than just converting a Corvette or Camaro to right hand drive. There are also a myriad of items which must be replaced, modified or re-manufactured to meet Australian Design Rules. On top of that, vehicles must be imported into Australia in the right manner in order to be road-registerable.

Our expertise and service covers all these areas. Don't be tricked into making a mistake or cutting corners - you can rely on Corvette Clinic to provide the best service, advice and knowledge every step of the way.

All Corvettes and Camaros converted by Corvette Clinic are fully compliant to ADRs and registerable in all Australian states.