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At Corvette Clinic, we specialize in the conversion of both brand-new and pre-owned imported Corvettes to right-hand drive configuration while ensuring full compliance with the ADR for registration in any Australian state. Our services encompass two key areas, transforming vehicles you’ve already acquired or providing comprehensive assistance throughout the entire journey, from sourcing and purchasing to importing and converting your dream vehicle to right-hand drive.

Over the years, there has been a notable degree of uncertainty surrounding the right-hand drive conversion process. At Corvette Clinic, we pride ourselves on executing a genuine “mirror image” conversion, faithfully replicating the original factory left-hand drive configuration and aesthetic. Our method involves transferring all vehicle components to emulate the original engineering and design specifications present when the vehicle was initially manufactured.

In instances where an exact replication isn’t feasible, we adhere to the highest safety standards while implementing redesigns as needed. Our commitment to quality is firm. We prioritize the use of factory replacement parts wherever feasible and, when necessary, design and manufacture OEM-quality replacement components. The conversion work performed at Corvette Clinic adheres to the highest industry standards, and many of our suppliers are also integral contributors to the Australian automotive sector and its manufacturers.

Choose Corvette Clinic for a conversion experience that blends technical precision with an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our mission is to transform your imported vehicle into a fully compliant and seamlessly integrated right-hand drive masterpiece, meeting and exceeding the Australian regulatory standards.

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